BodhyMovement OnLine Retreat 2020 | 14th – 19th April

BodhyMovement OnLine Retreat 2020

From April 14th to 20th the BodhyMovement Staff will offer free online classes in Live Streaming.
You are all invited to participate in our initiative, and in case you’d want to shows us your appreciation, you could send a free donation to a charity of your choice.
You can register for the OnLine event by sending us an e-mail or via WhatsApp. See you there on the screen!

Organized with the kind support of:

Free or Voluntary Donation

Anyone who sends us a payment receipt to the aforementioned charity will be entitled to a 10% discount on one of our next events.
We hope many will come!

Some advices:

IBAN: IT84Z0306905020100000066387.

IBAN; IT09Q0306909606100000172051.

Schedule (18 Hours)

Morning: 1 ora of Functional Training with Matteo.
Afternoon: 1 hour of Hatha Yoga with Anna Letizia Cervi.
Evening: 1 hour of Yoga Theory with Giacomo Ilaos.

Functional Training and Theory

What are they about?

Functional Training:
It’s a training style focused on the execution of natural movements, or on those which mimics the usual daily activities. It is suitable for everyone, as it can adapt to the most diverse needs.

Yoga Theory:
“Self-realization”, “Calming the mind” and the like are expressions we often hear and spontaneously associate with the image we have of Yoga.
But does this link really exist? Does our understanding of them reflect their origin or at least still have some connection with it?
Through a reconstruction of the thought and context that served as background for the making of the Patanjali‘s Yoga-Sutras, we will present its structure and contents, showing how all the Eight Limbs illustrated in this capital work in the history of the discipline are reciprocally connected.
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Free or Voluntary Donation