Ischia Yoga Retreat 2022 | Spring Holidays in Italy | 30th May – 5th June | Sant’Angelo

Ischia Yoga Retreat 2022

Join BodhyMovement in the ancient island of Ischia, renowned for its splendid natural landscapes and therapeutical properties of its thermal sources, for seven days of a wellness health retreat jam-packed with of Yoga and modern Functional Training. Be immersed in a thermal pool or laid by the shore, on the mat or in the gym, BodhyMovement invite you to contribute to their event with your personality and enthusiasm!
BodhyMovement is waiting for you for a retreat of physical activity and mental calmness!
We are waiting you for a retreat of physical activity and mental calmness!

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Included Services & Activities:
  • Two daily Yoga class.
  • One hour of Functional Training everyday.
  • Daily Romantica thermal park entrances.
  • Stay in double room (for single room contact us for further informations), daily breakfast and dinner (city taxes and drinks are excluded).
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability). A scientific stress evaluation before and after the activities.
  • Tourist excursions and group activities organization (extra costs like transports, tickets or entrances are not included).


Ischia is an Italian vulcanic Island located at the northern extremity of the Gulf of Naples and which belongs to the Flegrei arcipelago.
In its southern part there is the carachteristic Borough of Sant’Angelo, tourist destination in which you can find thermal parks, beaches, shop and a square in which the most part of social and night local life takes place.


A classic ischitan family management Hotel, located at just some steps from the square of Sant’Angelo, from the characteristic borough beaches and surrounded by the thermal park Tropical, Casa Adolfo offers to its clients a small oasi of peace and calmness, gently accompanied by an extremely good and genuine mediterranean island cooking.
The structure is provided of large sunbathing terraces, a fresh and panoramic garden and offers to all its clients a free Wi-Fi Internet service.
For further information of any kind you can visit the hotel website: Hotel Casa Adolfo Ischia.


Monday 30 May.
Morning Yoga Class: Roots and Foundations. Fundamental and Standing Asanas. Functional Training Class: Mobility Class.
Yoga Theory: Yama e Niyama. Presentation of precepts, historical roots and debate on their possible role and application in our contemporary society.
Evening Yoga Class: Generic Yoga Class.

Tuesday 31 May.
Morning Yoga Class: Balancing Asanas.
Functional Training: Balance Class.
Yoga Theory: Yama: Ahimsa – Satya (Non violence – Truthfulness).
Evening Yoga Class: Generic Yoga Class.

Wednesday 01 June.
Morning Yoga Class: Arm balancing and Strenght Asanas.
Functional Training: Climb Class.
Yoga Theory: Yama: Asteya – Brahmacharya (Non stealing – Continence).
Evening Yoga Class: Generic Yoga Class.

Thursday 02 June.
Morning Yoga Class: Forward and Back bending.
Functional Training: Xlinx Class.
Yoga Theory: Yama: Aparigraha (Non-possessivness); Niyama: Shaucha (Pureness).
Evening Yoga Class: Generic Yoga Class.

Friday 03 June.
Morning Yoga Class: Twisted Asanas and Inversions.
Functional Training: Agility Class.
Yoga Theory: Niyama: Santosha – Tapas (Contentment – Austerity).
Evening Yoga Class: Generic Yoga Class.

Saturday 04 June.
Morning Yoga Class: Heart\Hip openers and Seated Asanas.
Functional Training: Special Class.
Yoga Theory: Niyama: Svadhyaya – Ishvarapranidhana (Self-study – Surrendering to the will of God).
Evening Yoga Class: Generic Yoga Class.

Sunday 05 June.
Morning Yoga Class: Free interactive \ Partner Yoga Class.
Functional Training: Generic Class.
Yoga Theory: Yama and Niyama: What is emerged from previous debates? Personal conclusions.
Evening Yoga Class: Yin class focused on muscle relaxation.
Event closing: considerations, thankgivings. Participants interviews.

Saturday 02 May.
Breakfast all togheter, preparation for the travel.


  • The schedule is obviously provisional and subject to slight and not substantial modifications.
  • Yoga classes will be always led by two teachers, of which one is teaching and the other supporting the class. The only exception is represented by the 5th June classes, which will be led by both the teachers together.
  • The Functional Trainings will be led by the instructor with the support of the two Yoga Teachers.
  • The event join the ConnectionDetox, so the participants are kindly requested to use the smartphone only as a phone or photocamera during the time span between the beginning of the first and the end of the last Yoga class.
  • An active, constructive and proactive attitude is strongly encouraged.
  • The Yoga Theory hours will be, respecting everyone opinions, structured as interactive debates than as leaded lessons
Your experience will be the most important ingredient of this experiment!

Price And Booking

The whole price of the event is of 1085€ per person, comprehensive of everything listed till now.
To book your place as soon as possible you can pay 385€ via PayPal just by filling the underneath form:

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