Who we are

Giacomo Ilaos
Yoga & Calisthenics Teacher

With almost twenty years of experience in the teaching of physical activities, a large background in Martial Arts and several and variegate expertises in the fitness field and more generally in that of the psychophysical wellbeing, Giacomo is a RYT500 Yoga Teacher educated in India.
This education and a constant updating transversal to different sport and cultural fields, the experience ripened with clients and students of every age, kind and proveniences, led him to develop excellent comunicative and didactic abilities.

Matteo Roma
Athletic & Functional Trainer

Sport Scientist and Athletic Trainer, always passionate of Sport, Matteo a long has considered the physical activity in a merely agonistic way, as the achievement of the result to the detriment of an opponent. With a renewed awareness ripened through the experience, he came to give to the Sport a different meaning: a constant job aimed to an inexorable self-improvement, no longer source of anxiety but quest to satisfaction.
From this evolution is born the collaboration with Giacomo and Anna Letizia, who supports and completes as Functional Trainer.

Anna Letizia Cervi
Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Sport Scientist, Postural educator and Pilates & Yoga Teacher (RYT 250), Anna Letizia Cervi proposes a kind of training inspired by an holistic approach, sure that it’s impossibile to reach a state of general wellbeing through a practice focused only on the physical aspect and which completely neglect the mental part.
Her goal as a teacher is to transcend the most immediately effects of the physical activity, as the slimming or the increasing of the muscle mass, to guide her students through a path which lead them to the respect and to the conquer of the functionality of their bodies.
Since the beginning of 2017 she is the founder of the Chinesiologicamente project.